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Six remedies to ease your child’s constipation

Kids have the tendency to chew on anything they can lay their hands on. When your house is baby-friendly, the chances of your child falling sick because of such activities is quite low. Parents are super-sensitive about their child’s well-being and everything related to it. They monitor their day-to-day routine, make sure they eat on time, they have their share of playtime, etc. They even keep a timetable of their child’s vaccination dates. But what can be done when the child becomes prone to illnesses that cannot be protected by merely vaccinating them.
Constipation is one of the most common ailments that would turn your otherwise smiling kid into an irritable being. Your child might think of constipation or his inability to go to potty as a different kind of stomachache and would tend to ignore it. But being an adult that you are, you can differentiate between a normal stomachache and constipation.

The child is suffering from constipation when he/she shows the following constipation symptoms- abdominal pain, passing of stools less than thrice a week, experiencing pain while having a bowel movement, passing hard stools, blood on the surface of hard stools, etc. If your child shows any of these constipation systems, do not panic. There are certain remedies that can provide constipation relief. Here are some of the popular and easy ways to get rid of your child’s constipation woes.

Use of laxative is a common method of treating your child’s constipation. However, you should never think of administering a laxative without consulting a doctor. Chances are high that even a slight miscalculation on your part can cause grave problems for your child

  • You should make your child drink more water. Water would help soften the food that he eats and would keep his digestive tract healthy.
  • Fibrous food would keep constipation at bay. They prevent constipation and have great nutritional value as well. So give your child fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils, nuts, etc.
  • The ginger-root formula is something that majority of moms vouch for. A mixture of ginger root with honey is what would immediately relieve his constipation
  • Soak some raisins in water overnight and give the concoction to your child. Raisins are known to help bowel movements and constipation relief is attained
  • If your child complains of stomach ache, cut down on the dairy products. The high-fat and low-fiber content is the main culprit in making your child feel constipated

So, the next time your child shows any constipation symptoms, you know what to do! Do not panic or create a ruckus, try these remedies for constipation relief. If it still persists, a visit to the pediatrician won’t hurt.

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