Pay-as-you-go phones – why choose Orange

Pay-as-you-go phones
Pay-as-you-go phone or a prepaid phone or pay-as-you-talk is a type of mobile service. In this type of service, the customer purchases the credit needed before using the SIM card. By that, if the customer wants to use the SIM card for a month, he purchases the credits required so that he can use it for the particular point of time.

Differences between prepaid and postpaid connection
The customer can choose from a variety of schemes for his pay-as-you-go plan. The customer has the option of choosing whatever scheme he wants to use up. For instance, if the customer uses fewer calls but more text messages, he can choose a plan that is most economical for his habits.
This is different from postpaid in which the customer can choose whatever scheme he needs. He can pay after he has finished using his scheme. In a way, post-paid bills either come monthly or even half yearly.

Ways to top up a pay-as-you-go phone
Pay-as-you-go is highly advantageous in a way that a customer can easily save money by choosing the most economical scheme. Users don’t need to sign any contract with the company, nor do they need to have a credit check. Pay-as-you-go phones are easy to top up as well as quick to recharge.

Easy recharge
Customers can get their recharge done through retail outlets, or through the various websites that they can access easily. When using the ATM machine to withdraw money, there is a dedicated option for mobile recharge. Choose your required subscriber and the charge can be done very easily. E-vouchers are cards or receipts printed with a unique 16-digit voucher number. Key in the voucher number and follow the operators’ instructions.

Why is Orange the best choice
Orange is a mobile operator which provides quality calling and service schemes. Orange boasts an impressive list of plans, to suit every need of the customer. They have an excellent customer service with customers getting the bang for their buck. Orange has many unique schemes such as ‘Magic Number’, wherein the customer can save the most used numbers and call them free of charge. Orange Answer Phone, is another offering which allows you to stay in touch even when you can’t take a call. You can personalize the message callers receive; listen to your messages from any phone by setting up a PIN.

Orange has stellar international calling services in which the customer can call at any time for the same rate. The countries are grouped based on Calling Zone’, and picking out a scheme based on a calling zone, gives the customer a hassle-free experience.

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