Exploring the range of Viking Appliances

Viking is known for its innovation. Viking Appliances are some of the finest and best-crafted kitchenware products. Viking kitchen appliances include a range of refrigerators, ranges, ovens, dishwashers and other products.

  • Viking stainless steel microwave oven
    Among the key Viking Appliances is the Viking stainless steel microwave oven which is available for a manufacturer price of $729. With Viking microwave at work, you are assured that an array of features will be at your command. The microwave oven will also offer the users features like warm/hold and sensor cooking. Cooking will be an effortless task when Viking Appliances particularly, the Viking microwave oven is at work. It offers 13 sensor settings including a range of breakfast and lunch options. The warm/hold feature of Viking microwave oven will keep the food warm for an extended period.
  • Viking stainless steel freezer refrigerator
    Among the popular Viking Appliances is the freezer refrigerator which comes for a base price of $3249. The freezer refrigerator comes with a conventional freestanding size having 24-inch deep side panels. The refrigerator has electronic controls which have digital temperature indicator so that the users can know the temperature range. Viking stainless steel freezer refrigerator also has adjustable tempered spill-proof shelves which make storing food items relatively easy. The freezer in this refrigerator is also unique as it has two level slide-out baskets. s The separate ice drawer and self-closing freezer drawer in Viking stainless steel freezer refrigerator is another unique feature.
  • Viking cookware sets
    The ten cookware piece set from Viking is made out of five layers of metal and is handcrafted in the country itself. It is known to have a magnetic exterior and can be used on any cooking surface. It also comes with a stainless steel handle which provides the users with a comfortable and secure grip. The Viking cookware set can be safely used in oven and dishwasher and comes with a lifetime warranty which makes the product a desirable proposition for those who decide to purchase it. The cookware set from Viking Appliances includes stock pot, saut pan, saucepan and fry pans. The Viking Cookware sets are popular among the buyers and have made Viking Appliances a household name.

The number of cookware varies in different sets, and so does the price. The Viking cookware price range starts from $240 and goes up to $799 depending upon the quantity of cookware included in the set.

Like other appliances available in the market, Viking Appliances have made a niche name for themselves and are popular among the first time buyers too.

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