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Amazing recliner chair options for medical use 

From reducing stress to adding convenience, recliner chairs can do wonders for a person’s body. Standard features included in recliners are a footrest, headrest, adjustable angle of inclination for the back, and a water holder/medicine storage space. Let’s take a look at some of the best recliner chairs for medical purposes.

  • Empath recliners
    Empath recliner chairs are designed for comfort, and they adapt to various physical requirements. These chairs are primarily catered for reducing stress and carrying patients with injuries. These chairs require the clinicians to be the primary users for moving them around as they are not automatic. They are designed for transferring patients from one examination room to the other. They also ease back pain and are comfortable to use during long hours of waiting.
  • Mitra recliners
    Mitra recliner chairs are designed for rest and sleep. They follow the natural design of the human body and adapt to physical contours. They feature a back rest, comfortable arm rests, and a footrest to prevent slipping. Other features included in these chairs include a push bar, tablet arm, IV pole holder, and a drainage bag hanger. They are constructed with wood and steel frames for maximum durability and support and are very easy to clean.
  • Mineral recliners
    State-of-the-art recliner chairs, these are designed for healthcare and clinical convenience. These are compact and easy to maneuver. Featuring eye-catching minimalist designs and a movable footrest for comfort, these chairs are adapted for entry and exit needs. Constructed from welded steel, these provide maximum durability and support to the patient for a long time.

When opting for recliner chairs, consider comfort, durability, and maneuverability. Good chairs feature an adjustable angle of inclination for lying back and are catered for rest, sleep, and sitting atop all day long. Getting an all-purpose recliner that’s compact, loaded with the right features, and adaptable to different patient heights and needs is important. This will ensure you give your patients the best possible hospice care and comfort during their medical stay or treatments.

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