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Benefits of Electrolyte Drinks

Electrolytes are basically a mix of essential salts and minerals like sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium that are crucial for the body’s normal functioning. They keep the body refreshed and in optimum working condition. In case of strenuous exercise where there is a lot of water loss due to excessive sweating, our body tends to lose these essential elements. It is important to make up for this loss constantly by using electrolyte drinks. These drinks provide you with needed energy during various fitness activities.

Need for additional supplements

As the name suggests, electrolytes stimulate nerves and muscles with micro electric charges. This process results in regulated hydration. If the body falls short of these vital electrolyte constituents, there is an adverse effect on cellular function, blood circulation, and blood pressure. If a balance is not maintained, normal functions like physical movement and cognition are impaired. The body tends to get fatigued easily. Athletes cannot afford a situation where they get tired or can’t think clearly. Electrolyte drinks help them avoid such situations.

Rigorous sports routine

Dehydration alters the perfect state of functioning of nerve, heart, and muscles. For athletes, this translates into reduced stamina, fatigue, heat stroke, or even worse, like losing consciousness in case of extreme dehydration. For this reason, it is important to keep a stock of good electrolyte drinks handy before setting off for any kind of vigorous sport. One can benefit a lot from the consumption of electrolyte drinks.

If you are a sports fan, you might have observed that every time during the break, the athletes religiously sip fluids from bottles. Whether it is long-distance running, marathons, cycle tours or even hiking, sports enthusiasts rely heavily on electrolyte drinks to remain hydrated.

The right ingredients

Scientifically formulated electrolyte drinks have just the right amount of minerals and vitamins to make-up for the loss when the body is under high physical and psychological stress of outdoor sports. People working out in the gym also must hydrate from time to time and such drinks can aid their performance.

Available in different flavors

It is a little boring to drink plain water. Besides, water doesn’t supply the additional dose of electrolytes needed to replenish loss due to heavy exercise. A little bit of flavor acts as an added incentive to keep drinking at regular intervals. A range of flavors from strawberry, lemon, orange, berry, ice-tea, grape or mixed fruit are available in popular electrolyte drinks. There are no-sugar options to keep that calorie count low.

Widely available in local stores

You don’t need to look too far to get the right product. After a little bit of research into what kind of drink suits your individual needs the best, just hop over the local store to get the best electrolyte drink. These can also be ordered online.

A number of electrolyte drinks options are available both offline and online. For example, GoodSense Pedia Electrolyte Liquid, Fruit, 33.8 Fluid Ounce, a pack of 6 sells for just about $25.69. There is a $4 discount on Rally Naturally Flavored Electrolyte Rehydration Beverage, Variety Pack, 20 Ounces (Pack of 4) and the discounted rate is around $15.99. The Electrolit 21oz Hydration Beverage Drink w/ Electrolytes in strawberry flavor is priced at about $35.99 for a pack of 12.

Drink mixes or tablets are also available to make an electrolyte drink. These products simply dissolve in water and give you control over the quantity you intake at a time. This is a good value-for-money if you are into regular sports or have a daily fitness regime. In this range, products like Vega Clean Energy Drink Mix Citrus Iced Tea is priced for around $19.99 and Nuun Active Hydration Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs Lemon Lime/Tri-Berry/Orange/Citrus Fruit is priced at about $18.99.

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