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4 Best Cell Phone Family Plans

4 Best Cell Phone Family Plans

There are several cell phone plans which are available for families that offer you the most features, longer minutes, etc. for the lowest monthly prices. You need to find out the suitable and most perfect family plan that you can avail. Usually, family cell phone plans provide best value for a single household or family. You can get several minutes to share on a family plan, and other options like calling, chatting, and data, but you need to make sure which one you want to go for.


MintSIM offers minimum of about 3-12 months of service over T-Mobile’s network at a single glance by providing good discounts. Mints generally may increase up to $42 per month in case you make payment for 1 year which gives you a 10GB per month data. There are even 3 and 6 months plans available. MintSIM provides both limited discounts as well as standard and high rates.

While, there is even a 12-month pack which offers an unlimited talk, chat, as well as offers 2GB of data which is available at $199, or within $16.58 per month. Even you can get 5GB and 10GB data plans.

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular offers an easy-to-use excellent customer service, which usually executes over the AT&T network. While the cost is low, and the sweet-spot plan seems to be more than 250 minutes, which arrives with 300 text chats, and data of approximately 30MB for about $17.50 per month.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless has become more popular for its customer service. The best deal which is offered by this Republic Wireless is mostly $20 plan, which includes unlimited calling, as well as text, and 1GB of data that comes on the Sprint or T-Mobile networks.Suppose you require quality voice with a very good text coverage,you can find a very little or no data.

With just $15 a month, you can find the most affordable way to get unlimited voice and texts, which includes 1 GB of data on Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks.


Ultra-Mobile is found to be an alternative solution for international callers who usually prefer T-Mobile’s network. Itactually a $29 plan which comes with a pack of 1GB of LTE data, as well as 1GB of HSPA+ data, and even it comes with the unlimited calls to 60 different countries. If you are one among the heavy data users who makes international calls, you can go for the excellent 10GB plan for about $45 and a 20GB plan for about $54.

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